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Monday, 24 September 2007

We had a FANTASTIC Believer's Baptism yesterday!

I always love Believer's Baptisms, but yesterday was extra special - we had FOUR!

Two of them were girls from our 11-14s club, who are cousins, and have been brought up in our church. They are both great girls, and really committed to God - in fact, we saw a video of them both, aged about 4, 'playing church' lol. It was really sweet - and they were suitably embarrased :D

We also had a lady who joined an Alpha Course earlier this year, and like me found Jesus through that. It was fantastic to see her make the ultimate commitment - especially as she has a fear of water.

But the greatest one of all, for me, was James (he's my friend's boyfriend, so it was a bit special). His story was amazing, about how finding a 'special someone' also brought him to God.

All four baptisms were emotional - I guess it meant more because I've been in their very wet position myself. I couldn't stop smiling - but there were a few tears shed when James started crying during his prayer time! It was so lovely to see, in a strange kinda way.

I'm SOOO glad that they have all given themselves to Jesus - and that I now have three more Sisters and another Brother!

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