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Friday, 12 October 2007

God just won't leave me alone :D :D

Not that I'm complaining! It's awsome, but I just know that He won't be happy until I get my bum in gear and do what He wants!

OK - now you are looking blankly at the screen thinking "what on earth is she babbling about???" Well, since the retreat last weekend (and all through it in fact) God has been showing me signs galore that He wants me to take FSUK further. I know He has great plans for us, that our members (and especially Jeannette) were brought to FSUK for a purpose, and that He wants to bring more members to the forum - but I need to get my act together first.

So, if I disappear for a few days, it's only because I'm deep in thought and prayer! God has placed FSUK firmly on my heart, and even if I am a bit rebellious at times, on this one I'll be faithful!!!

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Been there - done it! When's the next?

I've just about recovered from the FSUK Autumn Retreat! We had a truly God filled weekend, with lots of scrapping, worship and fellowship. Even as people were leaving, my brain was whirring with ideas for the next one!

Despite the majority of us having difficulties getting there on Friday (there seemed to be accident's galore, and Ian and I were stuck in a jam on the A12 for over an hour before we could get off and skirt round it on the country lanes!), everyone arrived safely, and the chatter on Friday evening went well into the early hours! It was great to be able to put faces to the names on the forum, and to really get to know people.

Saturday dawned with Cereal, Toast and Ian's Honey Porridge (yummmmmmmy!) and we started the classes in earnest, after the obligatory group photo!

We had everyone running round the grounds with their cameras, taking photos of God's Creation In All It's Glory for the first challenge, and the results were GORGEOUS! It always amazes me how 3 people can take a photo of the same flower, but all three will look different! I guess it just goes to show how amazing creation really is.

Sunday morning saw Jeannette's first FSUK Worship - and it was totally God inspired. I know she had many a conversation with God over that one - but as always, He won in the end! It was great to see a group of women from various Christian denominations all sharing in God's word together as one body. And, thanks to Sue, I now know what I look like when I'm worshiping lol!

The end of the weekend came all too soon, and it was quite sad seeing everyone leave - but they all wanted to come back again, so we must have done something right! We've learnt a few lessons, which we will put into practice to improve on the next one .......... yes, there WILL be one - keep an eye on the FSUK WEBSITE for announcements coming VERY SOON!