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Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Where is the time going????

I can't believe that this time next week, we'll all be about to sit down to Christmas Lunch! I still haven't bought a single present - we're going shopping on Friday evening. I wish I could find a way to stop the world turning for a few days to let me catch up :D

On a more positive note, we had a fantastic evening at JKs last night. The team from CRIBS (Christian Resources in Bexley Schools) came in and performed "Simeon's Story" - an adaptation of the Christmas Story based around Simeon. It was a lovely adaptation, and the kids thoroughly enjoyed it. Apparently, by the time the show has finished it's run in Bexley, over 10,000 kids will have seen it :D CRIBS are truly gifted in both storytelling, and spreading the Good News. I should think the 5 of them will be grateful when Chrismas arrives and they can have a break - ours was their FOURTH performance yesterday!

We had some fantastic news last week - Song (one of our FSUK family) became a Christian! We are all so thrilled to officially welcome her into the family :D It's not been an easy journey for her, but one which has now taken such a fantastic turn.

The new-look forum is growing stronger every day, and we've welcomed quite a few new members over the last couple of weeks - if you haven't already found us, check us out HERE.

NEWS FLASH!!!!! I'm just putting the finishing touches to the first release of our VERY OWN range of FaithScrapping stash called LifeSeeds. Watch this space for the big unveiling coming VERY SOON!!!!! (just need to sort out the copyright :D)

Friday, 12 October 2007

God just won't leave me alone :D :D

Not that I'm complaining! It's awsome, but I just know that He won't be happy until I get my bum in gear and do what He wants!

OK - now you are looking blankly at the screen thinking "what on earth is she babbling about???" Well, since the retreat last weekend (and all through it in fact) God has been showing me signs galore that He wants me to take FSUK further. I know He has great plans for us, that our members (and especially Jeannette) were brought to FSUK for a purpose, and that He wants to bring more members to the forum - but I need to get my act together first.

So, if I disappear for a few days, it's only because I'm deep in thought and prayer! God has placed FSUK firmly on my heart, and even if I am a bit rebellious at times, on this one I'll be faithful!!!

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Been there - done it! When's the next?

I've just about recovered from the FSUK Autumn Retreat! We had a truly God filled weekend, with lots of scrapping, worship and fellowship. Even as people were leaving, my brain was whirring with ideas for the next one!

Despite the majority of us having difficulties getting there on Friday (there seemed to be accident's galore, and Ian and I were stuck in a jam on the A12 for over an hour before we could get off and skirt round it on the country lanes!), everyone arrived safely, and the chatter on Friday evening went well into the early hours! It was great to be able to put faces to the names on the forum, and to really get to know people.

Saturday dawned with Cereal, Toast and Ian's Honey Porridge (yummmmmmmy!) and we started the classes in earnest, after the obligatory group photo!

We had everyone running round the grounds with their cameras, taking photos of God's Creation In All It's Glory for the first challenge, and the results were GORGEOUS! It always amazes me how 3 people can take a photo of the same flower, but all three will look different! I guess it just goes to show how amazing creation really is.

Sunday morning saw Jeannette's first FSUK Worship - and it was totally God inspired. I know she had many a conversation with God over that one - but as always, He won in the end! It was great to see a group of women from various Christian denominations all sharing in God's word together as one body. And, thanks to Sue, I now know what I look like when I'm worshiping lol!

The end of the weekend came all too soon, and it was quite sad seeing everyone leave - but they all wanted to come back again, so we must have done something right! We've learnt a few lessons, which we will put into practice to improve on the next one .......... yes, there WILL be one - keep an eye on the FSUK WEBSITE for announcements coming VERY SOON!

Wednesday, 26 September 2007

I'm getting so excited!

I can't believe there are only 8 days until the FSUK Autumn retreat! It's come round so quickly - but the kits are coming together, and I just know that it's going to be a fantastic, God filled weekend.

Monday, 24 September 2007

We had a FANTASTIC Believer's Baptism yesterday!

I always love Believer's Baptisms, but yesterday was extra special - we had FOUR!

Two of them were girls from our 11-14s club, who are cousins, and have been brought up in our church. They are both great girls, and really committed to God - in fact, we saw a video of them both, aged about 4, 'playing church' lol. It was really sweet - and they were suitably embarrased :D

We also had a lady who joined an Alpha Course earlier this year, and like me found Jesus through that. It was fantastic to see her make the ultimate commitment - especially as she has a fear of water.

But the greatest one of all, for me, was James (he's my friend's boyfriend, so it was a bit special). His story was amazing, about how finding a 'special someone' also brought him to God.

All four baptisms were emotional - I guess it meant more because I've been in their very wet position myself. I couldn't stop smiling - but there were a few tears shed when James started crying during his prayer time! It was so lovely to see, in a strange kinda way.

I'm SOOO glad that they have all given themselves to Jesus - and that I now have three more Sisters and another Brother!

Saturday, 22 September 2007

My Testimony

I have always had a faith and believed in God. I was brought up an Anglican, but was only an occasional visitor to church because my Dad worked shifts and our church was about 20 miles away.

As I got older, my faith became dented by life. I worked as an Ambulance Paramedic, and some of the things I saw and was involved in made me question God's existence - although in the back of my mind I knew he really was there. I just couldn't understand why He let children die so young, why some people could be so viscious to others, or why "Godly" people like my Grandad were made to suffer so much through illness. I still don't have the answers to these questions - but I still have a lot of growing in my faith to do!

When I married Ian, we decided to move to Harlow, Essex, as it was halfway between our two families. But when I had Joe I felt so alone and isolated. I joined the local Meet A Mum Association group, and met my good friend (and since then, Godmother to the boys) Jane, who is a Christian. We talked about God from time to time, but I don't think I was ready to accept him fully into my life at that time.

I went through quite bad Post Natal Depression, and told Ian that I couldn't go through another pregnancy so far from my Mum. So, in 2003, we moved to Barnehurst, about 10 minutes drive from my parents. I still suffered with PND and Antenatal Depression with James, but having my Mum so close made it easier.

While I was pregnant, we went on the rounds of the Nursery Schools for Joe. It was when we visited the nursery for Barnehurst Infants School that I met Linda. I now know that God guided me there, and held out Linda's hand in friendship. Over the time Joe was in nursery, Linda and I became really good friends - I should explain that Linda is the wife of our Pastor!

She asked me to come on an Alpha course in September 2005, and so my conviction began! By the time we were halfway through the course, I could feel my beliefs and feelings changing. I started going to Bexleyheath Community Church and found that I LOVED it - which was a bit of a surprise as I'd always thought of churches which were not Anglican as "happy clappers". Now I clap along with everyone else!

We all went along to the 2005 New Year's Eve party at the church, and had a great time. At midnight, we watched the fireworks in London on the big screen - and it was the most amazing display I'd ever seen. I stood transfixed for a full 15 minutes, totally oblivious to everyone else around me. When we got home and went to bed, I was lying in the darkness and heard a noise which sounded like a deep, male voice on an out of tune radio. It stopped, and then I heard it again about 10 minutes later.

Next morning, I said to Ian, "did you hear that radio last night?" and he looked blankly at me and said "what radio?"

At the worship later that morning, I asked Linda if she actually "heard" God speaking, or if it was in her head or just a feeling? I explained about the noise and she just smiled and said that I was ready to become a Christian. Next minute, Linda, John (our Pastor & Linda's Husband) and a couple of the ladies from the church were praying with me, and I gave my life to God!

I left that morning with a huge grin on my face, but kept it to myself for a few days before I eventually told my family!

I was baptised in water on 5th February 2006, and in the Holy Spirit at a Sunday Worship just before Christmas. My life has been so full of love, support and fellowship - and I know it can only get better!