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Sunday, 6 January 2008

Plans for 2008!

Well, it seems everywhere I turn lately, God is telling me about my 'mission'. He has really put FSUK in my heart with renewed vigour - and my vision for the forum and our community has grown SOOOO much in the past few weeks.

My vision for our retreats is that EVERY one of our members should have the opportunity to attend one of our retreats - whether they choose to or not is entirely their decision, but I don't want cost or distance to be an obstacle. So, I am working on ways of making this happen! Watch this space - a Sponsored Scrap is on it's way in the VERY near future!

I've spent this weekend counting my blessings - my darling James was 4 today and is growing up so quickly. It only seems like yesterday that he was a little bundle in my arms. Now I have three 'men' to take care of me - Joe, James and of course, Ian. What more could a girl ask for!

It's back to school for them tomorrow, so the pile of uniforms needing ironing is beckoning. So, it's coffee, ironing board and Heartbeat for me tonight!

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You've been tagged.....see my blog for details!